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Having a website is just the beginning. As any good business owner knows, it is imperative to understand how visitors come to the company website, what they do when they get there, and whether or not they engage with the company by making a transaction, making a phone call, or even dialing the street address into their smartphone's map app. If a website is going to add value to the business, it's critical to know about the user behavior.

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You can keep reading up on the how and why, but doing so won't get your project moving forward. So let's get started - you can setup a 30 minute consultation with me at no cost, and we can discuss your needs to see if Shopify is right for you.

The worst I can say is you're an idiot, get out of my office, but that's very improbable. Most likely, you're on the right track already and just need a little advice to find the next right step.

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