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About Daniel

My name is Daniel. I build websites for people that need good websites.

Currently, I'm the web manager at the University of Georgia's College of Education. I oversee the web team (me +1) who maintains the College's enterprise website.

On the side, I freelance for clients of all industries and sizes. I've managed projects for creative non-profits like dance studios and theatre companies, for specialized trades like medical practices and commercial investment firms, and for entrepreneurial startups whose brands are going public for the very first time.

My speciality, though? "Mega" websites: those that are so big and daunting they seem out of control.

Being a freelance project manager and consultant enables me to help people who would otherwise be totally lost and at risk of falling for a flashy presentation from an overpriced agency. I have a passion for user experience and an instinct for optimization.

I don't just build websites, I build relationships.

I've been blessed with a specialized skillset and I'm trying to be a good steward of that by using my God-given talents to make a positive impact on society by supporting great clients who have real needs.

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