Order matters

👋 My name is Daniel. Welcome to my office.

My Work

These are startup brands I built from scratch and still maintain myself.

I used to build websites for small businesses but no longer. Some of the sites I built that are still in use:

My Vision

I always have more ideas than I have bandwidth or funding.

If you're looking to invest in an entrepreneur, please introduce yourself.

My Story

I'm a husband and father of two. All my life I wanted these distinguished titles, so now that I have them everything else is secondary.

I began my career in public higher education as a web developer and team leader for 9.5 years, then spent three years in e-commerce. Over time I gradually reduced my external obligations so I could commit more energy to my growing passion projects.

Cast98 ↗ streamlines cast logistics for performing arts groups. As an avid local theatre performer I got tired of filling out the same audition form at every show. My director friends always complained about conflict calendars and scheduling challenges so I set out to automate tedious tasks for actors and directors alike.

Drafty ↗ aims to be the most innovative and adaptable drafting platform for live online auction drafts. After years of playing fantasy football and complaining about ESPN's draft experience, I finally resolved to design and build a better draft room. Now draft day really is the best day of the year.

Let's Do This

Wanna work together? Just email me.

Be sure to include plenty of details about your intentions because I have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to reporting spam.