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Athens Master Chorale
Athens Master Chorale
University of Georgia College of Education
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'brella Studio
Greene County Tourism

Perks of part-time.

I only take on extra projects in my spare time, which means I can be very picky about which projects I choose to engage. My clients end up with a professional-grade website at a fraction of the cost compared to design agency fees. Are you on a tight deadline and unsure whether I'll be committed? Rush jobs are a thing I do, just ask.


With more than eight years of acquired knowledge, I'm well equipped to take your project from start-to-finish, whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred pages.


Are you obsessed with data? I sure am! I'll provide answers to important questions like "how are people finding us?" and "how many people are actually reading our emails?"


I freelance projects in my spare time, so I have no reason to pressure you into buying more stuff than you need. I can pay my bills without upselling.


I purposefully don't take on many projects. I love what I do and going the second-mile for my clients fosters deeper relationships than just being a hired hand.


If you can post a status update on Facebook, you can edit text and pictures on your website when the project is complete. I'll teach you everything you need to know.


Beyond web services, I know how to handle a camera. I've got an artistic eye to find those creative shots that make even a small event look really special.


Smartphones are everywhere and at the same time, a growing number of households are using their big screen TV as a computer monitor. Not to worry - I'll bridge that gap.


I'll explain this more when I give you a demo, but my web solutions allow you to customize the layout of any page on your own. I build the puzzle so you can piece it together.


Have you talked to my references? Go ahead, ask around! My past clients give glowing reviews of my expertise and results, so I'm not shy about sharing.

Personality Plans

Whether you're looking for a web know-it-all to help with one small project, or an expert to form a long-lasting relationship, my breadth of expertise can probably serve your needs.

Below, you'll find some of the packages I offer to help clients get off on the right foot with expectations and costs. Find the personality that sounds like a good fit for you, and then contact me to get started.


Try something a little different from a fixed price plan. These alternative services fit the bill when you need to tap the knowledge keg without launching a fresh new website. Click on an option that interests you to learn more.

On-site workday

An on-site workday means you have my undivided attention from 9am-5pm. This is a great option for things like workflow audits, team training, usability studies, or an intensive workshop to crank out some results. All in a day's work.

$600 per day + travel

Consulting only

If you only want to sit and chat, that's an option. Bounce some ideas off an objective third-party. Compare proposals from other vendors to make sure you're not getting ripped of. Engage me in a battle of wits to evaluate if I really know my stuff.

$50 per half-hour

Just the facts

Get a professional evaluation in the form of an official report that contains data findings and recommendations. This is paticularly helpful if you are trying to sell an idea to the boss and need an outside, expert recommendation to back you up.

Starting at $250

The Simpleton


Great things come in this small starter package.

  • Impression template ?
  • Flex template ?
  • Basic design ?
  • Edit your own content ?
  • Website analytics ?

The Budgetarian


A sensible upgrade from the basics.

  • Impression + Flex templates ?
  • +1 custom template
  • Basic design ?
  • Edit your own content ?
  • Website analytics ?

The Contactatron


A true conversation starter for your visitors.

  • Impression + Flex templates ?
  • +1 online form with email notifications
  • Basic design ?
  • Edit your own content ?
  • Website analytics ?

The Stratemagician


A detailed audit targeting your most prized visitor demographics.

  • Impression + Flex templates ?
  • Up to 2 custom templates/forms
  • Custom design
  • Edit your own content ?
  • Website analytics ?
  • Content strategy

The Completist


A royal feast on premium features, for those who want all the things!

  • Fully custom design + templates ?
  • Edit your own content ?
  • Website analytics ?
  • Content strategy
  • User registrations
  • Email campaign integrations

Time to Get Started!

About you
About your project

Help me estimate your project's complexity.

In your own words, describe why you're considering web services. Be as specific as you can, even if it feels silly or unimportant. Details that seem minor can help launch your project .

Index of Features


The cost of building a website goes up with the complexity of information you need to convey. For every website, we offer two kinds of templates to get started.

The Impression template is a page layout you can use to make an excellent first impression to your visitors. Most commonly used for the homepage of your website, it is also great at receiving visitors from digital marketing campaigns.

The Flex template enables secondary pages to have a lot of flexibility while keeping styles consistent, which is critical to your brand. Boasting a variety of layout options that'll you can easily mix and match on your page, the Flex template keeps your core information from looking stale.

Basic design

Your basic design is a user-friendly, mobile-responsive design that gives you full control and emphasizes engagement with your website visitors.

Edit your own content

A Content Management System (CMS) is what enables non-programmers the ability to edit content (text and pictures) on a website. If you have basic social media skills, such as changing your main photo on Facebook, you have everything you need to use the CMS I'll build for you.

Website analytics

A fundamental requirement for ensuring that your website is worth the effort. Every website we build includes 6 months of traffic reporting via Google Analytics, so you're always informed of how many people visit your website, what they're looking at, and other key performance indicators.

Blog / News Archive

Having the ability to post regular news and announcements to your website is a great way to keep your visitors engaged with fresh content each time they visit. Add a blog or news archive to any of our above packages for just $800.

Is It Worth It?

In only 4 years, and our business doubled. Four years ago, Daniel revitalized our website to better serve our patients.

Satisfied Client

In just a year after Daniel redesigned our website, we're growing at a pace faster than our staff can keep up.

Another Recent Client