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Stage Credits

I began playing the trumpet in 7th grade, and for two years I sang tenor in my high school's literary quartet. I enjoyed reading music and I responded deeply to beautiful harmony. In 2005, my sophomore year at UGA, I had heard that the Baptist Student Union needed some brass players to fill their pit orchestra for an upcoming production. I learned that they annually put on a dinner theatre show as a fundraiser for summer missions. This would become my first exposure to the world of musical theatre.

The production was 42nd Street (2005) and I found the ensemble music to be very challenging and fulfilling. But when we began rehearsing with the cast, I quickly realized that I was constantly distracted from my music. Instead, I watched and sang along with the actors on stage. I wanted to be part of that, and two years later I got my first chance when I was cast as the lead role in Thoroughly Modern Millie. Never thinking twice about it, I began performing in 4 shows a year. My passion for musical theatre was evident.

Over the years I've performed in musical productions by the UGA Baptist Student Union, Oconee Youth Playhouse, Town & Gown Players, and more. In 2010 I auditioned for my first show with Cornerstone Theatrical Productions. At the audition, I was paired with a young lady to learn a ballroom dance sequence. Little did I know that two years later that girl would be my girlfriend. Another two and a half years and she would become my wife. So yeah... musical theatre has played a pretty significant role in my life, and I will be performing as long as I am physically able.