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Web Service Plans

Personality Plans

Whether you're looking for a web know-it-all to help with one small project, or an expert to form a long-lasting relationship, my breadth of expertise can probably serve your needs.

Below, you'll find some of the packages I offer to help clients get off on the right foot with expectations and costs. Find the personality that sounds like a good fit for you, and then contact me to get started.


Try something a little different from a fixed price plan. These alternative services fit the bill when you need to tap the knowledge keg without launching a fresh new website. Click on an option that interests you to learn more.

On-site workday

An on-site workday means you have my undivided attention from 9am-5pm. This is a great option for things like workflow audits, team training, usability studies, or an intensive workshop to crank out some results. All in a day's work.

$600 per day + travel

Consulting only

If you only want to sit and chat, that's an option. Bounce some ideas off an objective third-party. Compare proposals from other vendors to make sure you're not getting ripped of. Engage me in a battle of wits to evaluate if I really know my stuff.

$50 per half-hour

Just the facts

Get a professional evaluation in the form of an official report that contains data findings and recommendations. This is paticularly helpful if you are trying to sell an idea to the boss and need an outside, expert recommendation to back you up.

Starting at $250