Web expertise for all.

My name is Daniel. I build websites for people that need good websites.

Currently, I'm the web manager at the University of Georgia's College of Education. I oversee the web team (me +1) who maintains the College's enterprise website.

On the side, I freelance for clients of all industries and sizes. I've managed projects for creative non-profits like dance studios and theatre companies, for specialized trades like medical practices and commercial investment firms, and for entrepreneurial startups whose brands are going public for the very first time.

Some recent work.

Athens Master Chorale
'brella Studio
University of Georgia College of Education
Greene County Tourism
University of Georgia College of Education
Cornerstone Productions

Perks of part-time.

I only take on extra projects in my spare time, which means I can be very picky about which projects I choose to engage. My clients end up with a professional-grade website at a fraction of the cost compared to design agency fees. Are you on a tight deadline and unsure whether I'll be committed? Rush jobs are a thing I do, just ask.


With more than eight years of acquired knowledge, I'm well equipped to take your project from start-to-finish, whether you have a few dozen or a few hundred pages.


Are you obsessed with data? I sure am! I'll provide answers to important questions like "how are people finding us?" and "how many people are actually reading our emails?"


I freelance projects in my spare time, so I have no reason to pressure you into buying more stuff than you need. I can pay my bills without upselling.


I purposefully don't take on many projects. I love what I do and going the second-mile for my clients fosters deeper relationships than just being a hired hand.


If you can post a status update on Facebook, you can edit text and pictures on your website when the project is complete. I'll teach you everything you need to know.


Beyond web services, I know how to handle a camera. I've got an artistic eye to find those creative shots that make even a small event look really special.


Smartphones are everywhere and at the same time, a growing number of households are using their big screen TV as a computer monitor. Not to worry - I'll bridge that gap.


I'll explain this more when I give you a demo, but my web solutions allow you to customize the layout of any page on your own. I build the puzzle so you can piece it together.


Have you talked to my references? Go ahead, ask around! My past clients give glowing reviews of my expertise and results, so I'm not shy about sharing.

Videography, too.